• About Artists and Orphans A True Drama

    Artists and Orphans: A True Drama is a short documentary that screened at numerous film festivals, on WE.tv in the U.S. and on a variety of international television outlets throughout 2001 and 2002. Lianne Klapper McNally was the producer, writer, and director. Throughout its run, the film earned multiple nominations and awards from film festivals, reaching the height of its recognition with a 2002 Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary (Short Subject).

    The story of Artists and Orphans: A True Drama follows a New York theater troupe that travels to an arts festival in the Republic of Georgia. When they arrive, they see that the country is in the midst of a humanitarian crisis, still caught in internal conflict after the collapse of the Soviet Union a decade earlier. When these artists are introduced to orphaned children of the City of Tbilisi, living out of an old mental hospital, they become driven to gather funding and resources to reinforce the improvised orphanage into a proper shelter in advance of the coming winter.

    In addition to the awards and nominations it garnered, Artists and Orphans received critical praise, including a review by Andy Sywak of the Daily Nexus that called the film "heart-wrenching and eventually heart-warming."

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